We are a Private Psychiatry and rTMS Clinic in Oxford

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Being aware of your current state of mental health is your first big step towards a heathy mind. Understanding what adversely affects your thoughts, emotions and behaviour can help you recognize any early signs of lurking mental health disorders. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance and support. It is crucial to seek professional help from trusted mental health experts to receive the right personalized treatments, in the absence of which, your mental health can spiral downwards, which can make regaining control of your life extremely challenging and difficult.

Our team of private psychiatrists, therapists and expert clinicians at Oxford Brain and Mind are committed to deliver evidence-based and result oriented treatment plans that are fully personalized for you. We are able to offer outpatient consultations as well as neuropsychological and psychological assessments and rTMS treatments among our other mental health services.

We are proud to be the only private mental health clinic in Oxford, to successfully provide rTMS treatment in Oxfordshire and make a notable difference in the Oxford community. Our private psychiatry clinic is dedicated to give you a warm, friendly and a compassionate environment with utmost privacy to help you speak up and overcome your mental health challenges, with the ultimate aim of sustainable recovery and a healthy lifestyle for you. 

Book your consultation with us today if you have any mental health concerns, and let us devise an effective treatment plan for you that befits your needs and your lifestyle.