Our Clients Say…

Beatrice Emmanouil

It is very exciting to finally have an rTMS centre in Oxfordshire! I had the pleasure to go to the centre and see the state-of-the-art facilities and chat about the different types of therapies offered; I was very impressed. I think it is a centre that grows out of the fantastic academic and clinical backgrounds of the two leads, and which fits in so well into Oxford’s recipe of clinical and academic excellence. A gem!

Richard Hailey

From start to finish the experience with the team at Oxford Brain and mind has been exceptionally. The whole rtms process with what is likely to happen and questions or queries through out our sessions been explain to me. The outcome has been life changing and I can’t thank them enough. Keep up the good work.

Keshav Lonak

This is the only facility in Oxford that offers rTMS, along with a suite of other services. The ambience of the clinic is immensely soothing and my dominant feeling was that I would be looked after very well by caring and competent clinicians. I had an in-depth chat with both Dr Malhotra and Dr Kumar about the research and experience that guides their practice, which left me very impressed. It is a top-notch facility and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Maryam K

I booked my brother in for a psychiatric assessment with the Oxford Brain and Mind clinic. The team at the clinic were fantastic! They were warm and welcoming, and booking the appointment was incredibly easy, unlike many other places that I’ve contacted in the past. As a relative to someone with an anxiety disorder, I felt comfortable enough to ask questions (with consent), and felt I left the follow up assessment with a better understanding of anxiety and how it was affecting my brother. I felt reassured of the specific treatment that was available. As a whole, the experience was lovely, the team were great, and the clinic itself was very cosy. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone dealing with mental health issues.

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